Friday, November 30, 2012

Out with the Old, in with the New!

     After the repairs were completed on our "old" RV, we decided to continue our search for a new RV that would give us a little more space for the kids. For the past year and a half the kids had been sharing a "bunk room" that was very small. It had a lot of storage space for their clothes and toys but no space to play in. It served our purpose while we were in our "trial" phase of this lifestyle but we knew that if we wanted to continue to live in a RV, we needed to upgrade.
      We have learned so much over the past year about what is important to have and what is not and we knew what we needed, the problem was finding the one that had it all. We quickly learned that we wouldn't find one that had everything we wanted so it was a matter of finding the one that had the most important features. So after several months of searching online, going to local RV stores and the RV show, we finally found "the one."
      As my father always says, "everything in life is a hassle" and trying to buy the new RV was definitely a hassle. At first the RV store wouldn't give us enough for our trade so we walked away. We spent another month looking for something different but couldn't find one that we thought would work as well so when we decided to try again for that one we learned that someone else had put a deposit down to purchase it.  I was very disappointed but found another one like it online in Georgia.  Trying to get it from Georgia to our state proved to be an even bigger hassle and it didn't work out. In the meantime, the first RV store called us back to say that the RV was still available in our state and the person who was going to buy it had backed out. This was great news because I loved the colors and patterns in this RV and it was only 2 hours away from home. Everything from that point on worked out without a hassle and we were very happy to be getting the one we really wanted. 
     Our new RV has much more space with separate rooms for the kids, an extra bathroom, a king size bed, and plenty of storage. We even have a staircase that goes up to my son's loft and a trap door with a ladder that leads down into my daughter's room. The kids love it, the dogs love it, and we love it. RVs have come a long way over the years and we feel right at home in our new home on wheels!

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  1. Can you tell me what kind of RV it is - is it a custom conversion? Because an extra bathroom a playbay/bedroom for your daughter and loft for your son sound awesome!